Visual Clonezilla

ARecover Live (Lubuntu) Screenshots:

AClone Server (Clonezilla SE) Screenshots:

TOP Booting ARecover Live

TOP Network settings

TOP Creating an image

TOP Restoring many computers (Multicast mode)

TOP Reports of all actions

TOP Restoring an individual computer

TOP Mounting the samba storage (Windows shared folder)

TOP Mounting sshfs/NFS server storage (AClone Server)

TOP Mounting external Hard Disk or USB Flash as storage



AClone Server (Clonezilla SE) Screenshots:

TOP Installing AClone Server

TOP Registering AClone Server (30 days free)

TOP Setting the network to deploy in multicast mode

TOP Installing all the packages, including clonezilla

TOP Preparing the clonezilla to work as Windows/Linux or Mac Os cloning server.

TOP Creating an image using the network booting (PXE) on client computer.

TOP Network booting (PXE)

TOP AClone Server menu

TOP Process of creating image has started

TOP Configuring image to be restore in the client(s) computer(s) - Unicast, broadcast ou multicast mode

TOP Process of restoring image has started

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